You’re in!

But You Don’t Have To Stop There!


Get even more from the TransTech Summit with the All-Access Pass!

No need to cram in all the content in one week!

March 31st – April 3rd are going to be action packed with amazing speakers sharing how to bolster your existing careers, interact with new media technology, network with other LGBTQIA people, learn new skills, and access additional training tools.

But it totally defeats the purpose if you’re overwhelmed by trying to catch every video each day. That’s where the All-Access Pass comes in!

Give yourself the space to take it in slowly and implement as you go.

With the All-Access Pass you get…

  • VIP Swag Box
  • Behind-The-Scenes Footage
  • Digital Summit Workbook
  • Presentation Slides
  • Transcripts
  • MP3 Files
  • Access to Co-Working Sessions
  • Access to Networking Sessions
  • Post-summit implementation sessions
  • *BONUS* Access to Speaker Interviews
  • *BONUS* Exclusive 2022 Summit Digital Magazine
  • *BONUS* Gifts from Speakers/Affiliates

We understand the All-Access Pass isn’t for everyone and we’re all about options and choosing what’s best for you, so check out our Swag Boxes below:

Swag Box

What’s included:

  • Schedule Planner
  • Wet-Erase Markers
  • Day-of Instruction Card
  • Speaker Notes
  • Affirmation Cards
  • Sticky Notes + Flag Booklet
  • Notebook + Pen w/ Highlighter

VIP Swag Box

What’s included:

  • Everything in Swag Box
  • Special VIP Badge
  • Summit Workbook
  • Goals Tracker
  • Water Bottle
  • Calendar