The Grind Without Grinding Yourself to Dust

This workshop talks about how to work “the grind” without grinding yourself to dust by outlining ways to avoid burnout and how to effectively maximize one’s talent in the gig economy.

Loving Me More

This workshop will address what self-care is. Breaking down what self-care looks like, feels like, and why is it necessary to have self-care practices. Participants will be given language, tools, and attachments they can walk away with so that they can love themself more.

Healthcare Expectations from People of Trans Experience

3-4 measurable learning objectives will include a modern-day walkthrough of what medical facility/office staff needs are in regards to: Intake guidelines Primary Care Consideration (Physician/nursing team) Specialty Clinic Referrals Medication Guidelines Components on how to self advocate with HealthCare Team via MyChart App Other Digital Insurance Providers