BackBit: Bridging the old with the new

Be inspired to use what you know as an engineer to move forward and do bigger things. Audience: Anyone who writes code, plays games, and/or is interested in being their own boss.

Introduction to Accessibility Design

Increase your value as a designer to an organization by knowing how to advocate for web accessibility and being able to suggest 3-5 action items demonstrating proficiency. Audience: Designers who are interested in web accessibility, engineers who want to learn more about design, and people who work in product development who want to learn how […]

Choosing Better Open Source – Lessons from the real world

An understanding of how to go about choosing open source packages for their projects. By showing what mistakes other developers have made the attendee will leave with an understanding of what you should be looking for when considering open source. Audience: Junior to mid-level developers. All levels can get good information from this.

Making Better Decks

Resources & tips to feel more confident in making a presentation for any talk in a tech space. Audience: Anyone who has to present in their role, make presentations or want to get into public speaking.

Small Dataset Machine Learning for Trans People of Color

Generate deeper understanding on how current advances in small-dataset machine learning apply to the trans community and for communities of color, including benefits and harms. Audience: Specifically, this workshop is informative for queer (and especially trans) people of color in tech, with an emphasis on those interested in research. However, this workshop is open for […]