The Grind Without Grinding Yourself to Dust

This workshop talks about how to work “the grind” without grinding yourself to dust by outlining ways to avoid burnout and how to effectively maximize one’s talent in the gig economy.

Marketing Yourself From a Marketer

Confidence in their skill set and themselves. Audience: Targeted for someone who is newly out in the workforce or questioning if they can be authentic in their chosen field.

How to be a Boss

How to start a business, vendors, funding options, how to pick your niche. Audience: Older Black Trans Masculine folks

BackBit: Bridging the old with the new

Be inspired to use what you know as an engineer to move forward and do bigger things. Audience: Anyone who writes code, plays games, and/or is interested in being their own boss.

Project Management 101 for Queer and Trans People

Do you have a vision for a LGBTQ community-based or an individual project? Is there an idea for an event, conference, video, campaign, or that you want to carry out by yourself? As part of the LGBTQ community we are often placed in leadership positions where we have to create innovative projects that support our […]

Introduction to Accessibility Design

Increase your value as a designer to an organization by knowing how to advocate for web accessibility and being able to suggest 3-5 action items demonstrating proficiency. Audience: Designers who are interested in web accessibility, engineers who want to learn more about design, and people who work in product development who want to learn how […]