Moment with Seven King: A Personal & Creative Excerpt

Life has taken many turns, stages, and chapters for Seven King… King finally opens up and shares a personal vlog interview that was focused primarily for the TransTech Summit. If you ever wondered what has happened to his viral project or him here’s a sneak peek, entitled: The Tape.

Community X: The App for Change

“The App for Change” will explore a new tech company called COMMUNITYx. COMMUNITYx is the world’s first and leading social impact technology company, aimed at connecting likeminded changemakers around calls to action such as petitions, rallies, donations and more. The session will conclude with an overview of Angelica Ross’s Trans Kids Are Kids campaign, which […]

Reading Between the Lines on Trans Inclusion at Work: Protecting Yourself from Tokenism

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or interviewing for your next job opportunity, there are ways to “read between the lines” to assess an organization’s true commitment to creating a safe, equitable, and welcoming environment for trans and GNC individuals to thrive at work. Trans and GNC folx are rethinking what it means to live authentically […]

Trans and Thriving in Tech

A foundational self-care routine and strategy for approaching working in tech that empowers you. Audience: Trans people in tech, transitioning, or finding their footing in their career.

Getting Real on REELS & TIKTOK

The ability to make a REEL or TIKTOK to introduce themselves and their brand to their social media audience. Audience: For people who want to learn how to make REELS and TIKTOKs that engage their audiences.