How to raise venture capital for TGNC folx: A fireside chat with Natalie Egan

Please join us for this interactive and candid fireside chat featuring serial entrepreneur Natalie J. Egan (she / hers) where she will discuss her journey as an openly transgender tech CEO and founder raising venture capital and building her 2nd high technology start-up in a hetero-cis-white-male dominated industry. Natalie will share the story of her […]

Be an Accomplice and an Ally

Allyship is a word, being an accomplice is an action. Learn more about how to show up and show out for the Transgender community. Audience: Cisgender individuals wanting a better, yet, basic understanding of the trans community.

Trans Employment Law 101

Civil Rights Attorney Jillian Weiss discusses best practices for protecting yourself against work discrimination.

Making banking inclusive of the trans experience

It may take a little creativity, but there’s a way to make room for trans people no matter what industry. Audience: Anyone who has had to change their name before or feels like banking can never change.

Contagious Media

A guide on how to create content and experiences that go viral focused specifically on Queer creators. This workshop takes you through the history and growth of sites like Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, the Dodo, Axios and smaller projects by creators. Led by a trans feminine CEO, the workshop also talks about how to use your […]