In information security, we are focused on ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our data and systems. We often monitor systems and services health for over utilization, packet loss and swapping, but we do not do the equivalent for people. When we attempt to measure people, we expect that they operate at full capacity all the time, hitting KPIs without considering the personal cost. Do we blame the server when it’s overloaded or has too many services running on it, competing for the same resources? No. We don’t give the engineers and analysts maintaining our infrastructure and products the same level of consideration that we give our critical systems. This session will propose ways to monitor people availability, ensure psychological safety, and proactively avoid burnout.

Attendees will gain perspective and a greater understanding of how the normalization of heroics is negatively affecting their teams.

Attendees will gain knowledge about mental labor and why this work needs to be recognized.

Attendees will learn strategies to ensure people’s availability and psychological safety.

Audience: People leaders/managers of engineering teams, engineers, and anyone unfamiliar with a humanistic approach.