Whether you’re a seasoned professional or interviewing for your next job opportunity, there are ways to “read between the lines” to assess an organization’s true commitment to creating a safe, equitable, and welcoming environment for trans and GNC individuals to thrive at work. Trans and GNC folx are rethinking what it means to live authentically both in life and at work. This intention is leading many individuals to seek employment that is purposeful and affirming. Commitments to diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI), and accessibility in the workplace have become some of the main criteria for building and sustaining an environment that is safe for our community to thrive at work. Related, the difficulty employers are facing as they try to fill open positions can be a smokescreen for ongoing unfair labor practices. How can a DEI practice go beyond the performance of numerical metrics to truly serve the well-being of trans and GNC telent?In this 30-minute learning session, Nico Calvo Rosenstone, Global inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility business partner at Twitter and Félix Endara, technical assistance consultant at the Transgender Strategy Center, will outline what to look out for when trans people are seeking employment in an environment that will support their well-being and professional growth. Calvo Rosenstone will address what to look for in the corporate and tech sectors, while Endara will cover the nonprofit sector. Together, they will help participants “read between the lines” of DEI.

Audience: Trans and GNC people interviewing for new roles