A StoryMap uses online tools and maps to interactively communicate with an audience. Even if you’ve never made a website or a map before, sharing a story you care about using custom maps and web tools is completely within reach.

This workshop will teach you how to use a freely available, web-based application to create an engaging, interactive online StoryMap that can include maps, websites, text, and multimedia. We will explore and discuss a variety of examples. Then you can make your own basic StoryMap using sample data, resulting in your own editable, publishable StoryMap. These skills can be applied to make other, more complex StoryMaps. Basic references for further research/skill development will be provided. No coding is required; the workshop leverages public data.

Audience: This workshop is for those of us engaging audiences through data, creating awareness around key issues, or inspiring action; it’s for those of us experimenting with our own storytelling practices, looking to build spaces representing our communities, and who want to explore technology and learn a new web-based skill.