Share your expertise at the TransTech Summit

Do you have skills that you want to share with the world? Now is the time to step forward! We’re already accepting proposals for the 2024 TransTech Summit.

Leverage our platform while helping TransTech members – and others from across the globe – build the skills they need to succeed and grow in tech and tech-adjacent spaces.

All accepted speakers receive the following: 

  • Feature on the TransTech Summit Website 
  • Tiered honorariums:
    • Panel Discussion – $750 (split among participants)
    • 90 minute interactive workshop – $500
    • 60 minute session – $400
    • 30 minute session – $300 
  • Complimentary VIP All-Access Pass 


  • Submissions Open: 10 January 
  • Submissions Close: 16 February 
  • Acceptance Notifications: 28 February 
  • Deadline to confirm your session: 13 March
  • Final Program Posted: 18 March

Content Areas

  • Business/Career:
    Entrepreneurs, executives, talent acquisition specialists, freelancers, and public speakers – this track is for you. We’re looking for sessions on how to make tech work for you. Think career pathways for QTBIPOC in tech, how to leverage tech for small business, professional development courses, internships and credentialing, and how to have a growth mindset.
  • Web/App/Design/Coding:
    Software developers, UX/UI designers, agile project managers, site-builders and technological innovators – this track is for you. We’re looking for those traditional tech-conference presentations for this content track. Think AI, JavaScript, APIs, form integration, game development. Got a new app that you launched? Have a unique skill that you want to share with the world? Send it our way! 
  • Diversity, Representation & Inclusion:
    Calling all DEI practitioners, workplace culture consultants, HR professionals, and L&D experts – this track is for you. We’re looking for sessions on how to integrate sustainable and effective DEI strategies in the technology space, especially those that center trans people’s needs at work.
  • Media, Marketing & Advertising:
    PR professionals, digital strategists, strategic communications specialists, product managers, and sales reps – this track is for you. We’re looking for sessions on the creative side of tech advocacy. How do you use the power of storytelling to create buy-in for your tech company? How do you use social media analytics to drive community engagement strategy? How are you using technology to reimagine your marketing plans?
  • Racial Justice/Social Justice/Human Rights:
    Philanthropists, social impact leaders, anti-racism experts, community organizers, and change-makers – this track is for you. We’re looking for sessions on the intersection of technology and social justice. Think the UN Sustainable Development Goals, No Tech for Apartheid, Tech for Social Good, and Algorithms of Oppression.
  • Health, Wellness & Technology:
    Psychiatrists, social workers, wellness practitioners, and digital health advocates, – this track is for you. We’re looking for all things health & wellness in the technology space. Think critical healthcare access through innovative technology (think Berry Street, Hims & Hers, Plume, etc.), mental health workshops related to digital exposure, best practices for accessibility, and anything between or beyond.
  • Beyond the Code:
    You know, and we know, that technology does not exist in a vacuum. It touches every aspect of our lives, and has a direct impact on the world that we live in. Beyond the Code is both the theme of the Trans Tech Summit, and its own content track. We’re looking for sessions that capture real-world application of technology. Think tech for non-profits, NGOs and open source, technology’s impact on the film/animation industry, and anything between and beyond. We recommend this track if your session doesn’t quite fit into any of the other boxes.

Content Schedule

  • Thursday, March 28: Empower
    • Diversity, Representation & Inclusion
    • Racial Justice/Social Justice/Human Rights
  • Friday, March 29: Educate
    • Web/App/Design/Coding
    • Health, Wellness & Technology
  • Saturday, March 30: Employ
    • Business/Career
    • Media, Marketing & Advertising
    • Beyond the Code
  • Sunday, March 31: Elevate 
    • In-person community event 

Session Guidelines:

  • Each individual session must fit within a 30 & 60 minute time slot.
    • 30 minute slots are reserved for first time speakers and roundtable discussions
    • 60 minute time slots are for standard conference sessions 
    • 90 minute slots are available for panels and/or interactive technical sessions on a limited basis
  • Each session submission must include a title and detailed description, including learning outcomes
  • All accepted speakers will be asked to provide a recording of their presentation in advance of the summit 
  • We prioritize and encourage submissions from QTBIPOC speakers
  • For panel sessions, we highly encourage session owners to invite diverse speakers to share the stage 
  • Speakers must have some relationship to and/or have expertise in the content with which they are presenting.
  • Speakers should not submit if they are not available for any time slots between March 29 – 31, 2024

Speakers will be compensated and will also have access to presentation tools and resources. So even if you’ve never presented, we’ve got your back!

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