Share your expertise at the TransTech Summit

Do you have skills that you want to share with the world? Now is the time to step forward!

Leverage our platform while helping TransTech members – and others from across the globe – build the skills they need to succeed and grow in tech and tech-adjacent spaces. We are looking for proposals for workshops in the following tracks:

  • Business/Career
  • Web/App/Design/Coding
  • Diversity, Representation & Inclusion
  • Media, Marketing & Advertising
  • Racial Justice/Social Justice/Human Rights
  • Health, Wellness & Technology
  • Tech in Hollywood

Speakers will be compensated and will also have access to presentation tools and resources. So even if you’ve never presented, we’ve got your back!!

At this time, our submission period for the 2023 Summit is closed. However, there are still opportunities throughout the year to share your skills with the members of TransTech. Learn more: