Empower, Educate, and Employ

As A Member Of The LGBTQIA+ Community – It Can Be Challenging To Find Education & Employment Opportunities That Feel Both Safe AND Supportive.

TransTech Can Help…

The TransTech Summit provides attendees with tools to grow their existing careers, interact with new media technology, network with other LGBTQIA people, learn new skills, and access additional training tools.


Business & Career

Web, App, Design, & Coding

Diversity, Representation & Inclusion

Media, Marketing & Advertising

Racial Justice, Social Justice, & Human Rights

Health, Wellness, & Technology

Tech in Hollywood

The schedule for 2023 will be announced soon.

The TransTech Summit is About Boosting Your Career

100+ LGBTQIA+ Speakers and 50+ Workshops will provide numerous education and employment networking opportunities, no matter what stage you’re at.

Maybe You’re…

Looking to start a new career.

Wanting to learn some new skills.

Looking to network with other LGBTQIA community members.

Whatever It Is For You, It’s Time To Take That Next Step.

Interested in volunteering and making an impact?

Meet Your Host

Angelica Ross
Founder Of TransTech

She/Her, Los Angeles, CA

From TV to Capitol Hill to the Board Room, Angelica Ross is a name that is recognized for being both a leading figure of success and a source of strength in the movement for Transgender and Racial Equity. Angelica is blazing a trail, kicking open doors, and building a table with ample open seats. Her ultimate goal? To bring economic empowerment to marginalized communities.

The Details


The TransTech Summit 2023 will run from Friday, March 31st to Sunday, April 2nd 2023 with a variety of presentations to choose from each day.


The TransTech Summit is completely virtual and globally accessible, so you can tune in from anywhere with Internet access!

Party It Up

You’ll also have access to a private community for attendees, where we’ll be partying it up before the summit starts and working together once it kicks off!

As an attendee, you’ll have the chance to win prizes based on engagement, BINGO, and other cool events.

Be sure to join and keep an eye on the community so you don’t miss any updates!

The All-Access Pass

After registering, you can also upgrade to the All-Access Pass. That means  you’ll get lifetime access to presentations and:

  • VIP Swag Box (*while supplies last)
  • Behind-The-Scenes Footage
  • Digital Summit Workbook
  • Access to Co-Working & Networking Sessions
  • Post-Summit Implementation Sessions
  • Bonus Speaker Interviews & More…

You Don’t Want To Miss This!

Not Your Average Online Summit

There are a lot of summits, trainings, and workshops out there. So what makes this one different?

First, the summit was specifically created for the most mariginalized members of the LGBTQIA+ community. Created by members of the community, for the community, to help lift up our communities through education and employment. 

But more importantly, TransTech provides a concentrated effort to economically empower the transgender and gender non-conforming community, creating role models along the way for those on a similar journey.

The TransTech Summit aims to provide attendees with the tools to bolster their existing careers, interact with new media technology, network with other LGBTQIA+ people, learn new skills, and access additional training tools.

Previous Sponsors

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Live Ramp


Fact Set
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It’s Time To…

  • Stop doing things the hard way, just because it’s what you’re used to.
  • Learn how to finally do something about the parts of your career that cause you stress.
  • Simplify what you’re already doing to allow you to work more efficiently AND profitably.

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