Aaron Harris

March 21, 2022

Aaron Harris graduated in 2022 from Ventura Adult Continuing Education’s Digital Multi-Media Technician and Studio Set Technician programs. Before his triumphs of returning to school with his newfound passions and career goals, in 2015 to 2017 he went through homelessness during his gender transition. Although faced with struggles of learning disabilities Aaron’s tenacity, optimism, artistic, and creative abilities have always been an anchor in his childhood and adolescence which helped propel his career such as owning a nonprofit rescuing wild mustang horses. This helped create an environment of learning key skills in business ownership and program management. During 2021 he felt lost on his career path. He began making memorial videos and small commercials all while reuniting with his birth family across the United States and getting in touch with his indigenous roots thus igniting his passion for filmmaking and telling stories through the lens. This led him to create four documentary short films and getting contracted as a freelance videographer through his company FiveOne Productions. He currently works as a freelance videographer, professional Photographer, and Production Assistant on major film studios while continuing his creative avenues of screenwriting and directing. His goal by the end of 2022 is to establish his nonprofit Creative, Artists, and Visionary Effort Program (CAVE Program) with the mission of making set life, Production Assistance and filmmaking a more inclusive and open space for LGBTQIA+ and POC filmmakers while offering career building and internship opportunities.

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