Evie Salomon

March 21, 2022

Evie Salomon is the founder of BackBit, a small business that is focused on innovating the experience of using and maintaining vintage computers. Her experience with personal computers in the mid 80’s, such as the Timex Sinclair, Commodore 64 and Apple ][ led her to develop a passion for tinkering in software development. She obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at San Francisco State University, and began working in the video game industry with a focus on mobile gaming. After 15 years as a software engineer, she pivoted to studying electronics, spawned from a curiosity about the inner workings of vintage computers. This return to her childhood excitement about computers led her to starting BackBit. She keeps her hands full with a variety of tasks, including writing embedded software, 3D printing, PCB layout, soldering and electronics troubleshooting.

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